Dobbs Elementary Partnership Brunch

Beginning the 2020 decade, HOMIES The Lifestyle was gratefully asked to participate with the Georgia Aquarium, DELTA AirLines, the U.S. Census Bureau, and many other community leaders, in collaborating with J. W. Dobbs Elementary School in the Atlanta Public School System, to introduce new ideas & resources for our children's learning experience.

Breakfast was good enough for me but once I got there I was extremely comforted by the Aquarium's hosting skills. I also was not ready for this speech but I was honored to be explaining what being a "big HOMIE" really means to me. Being apart of a collaboration that involves so many key players and unique entrepreneurs that are making efforts to benefit their local youth communities is one for my books. Whether it be field trips, cooking classes, to basketball games; we are all trying to be big HOMIES. I met so many leaders and heard so many ideas that led to inspiring goals.

“I’m just a big homie trying to help little homies manage their situations,”

Just an excerpt of my little portion from the TalkUpAPS article recap on the partnership brunch. A few partners were mentioned on their efforts